redworks film/video production
JUSTIN BARON Filmmaker   My name is JUSTIN Baron, I am a Filmmaker in Chicago. I am a Director. I direct productions. I listen and I lead. I participate through watching. I frame and I hustle. I know where to put the camera and I know how to steer an edit. I can operate a camera and I can complete an editorial with a keyboard and a mouse. I am an artist and I am a craftsman. I am a storyteller.

I have a boutique production company called REDWORKS Film/Video Production. I’ve attended and graduated from a formal film school, Columbia College-Chicago (BFA/Independent Film Production, class of 1999). I also have a self-financed feature film I’ve been working on for many years called PEEPSHOW. You’ll hear about it very soon!

Some of my clients have been Paul Stanley of KISS, fellow director Louis Antonelli, the 16th Street Theater, New Haven Moving Equipment Company, Centaur Construction, Century Media Records, and Chicago heavy-metal titans Yakuza and Nachtmystium. I’ve also operated camera on the field team of the Steve Harvey TV show.