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SPRING 2019 :: REDWORKS breaks down the Eliminator 14.5 EPK video into 6 episodes for social media and promotional purposes.  REEL CHICAGO runs a story detailing the creation and completion of the 2018 Eliminator project.  Justin and Dennis Best also document the Chicago premiere (3/24) of "Joe Frank Somewhere Out There" and post show Q&A (with director D.P. Carlson moderated by Ray Pride) at the Davis Theater for Blu-Ray and website supplements.  Work on Peepshow continues.

WINTER 2019 :: Justin Travels to New York to shoot Documentary footage for DP’ Carlson’s, NY Anthology Archives ‘New Filmmakers’ Feb 20th premiere of “Joe Frank Somewhere Out There" Documentary feature film, for Blu-Ray and website supplements.

FALL 2018 :: “PEEPSHOW!” resumes! Justin completes another heart-felt memorial, slide show presentation for Ryan Conlon.

SUMMER 2018 :: REDWORKS completes editorial and directs the sound mix on a 3.5 min (shorter) version of the Eliminator Band EPK. Justin also co-produce’s Louis Antoneli’s newest short, “Michael’s Film,” and delivers the company header, logo opener.

SPRING 2018 :: REDWORKS completes editorial on a 14.5 min version of the Eliminator Band EPK.

WINTER 2018 :: Justin shoots (2 camera) studio interviews and B-roll for the upcoming Eliminator Band 2018 EPK project. Evan Salvacion Levine at Experimental Sound Studio, Mestizo.

FALL 2017 :: REDWORKS completes editorial on a promotional video for a Chicago interior designer, Rika Kooy. Justin does freelance camera works to create a promotional video for ‘Giuliana Prosecco’ (Bill and Giulana Rancic / Terlato Wines). Justin also shoots for Lettuce Entertain You Restaurants to create several promotional videos for RPM and Joe’s Seafood Prime Steak & Stone Crab in Chicago. Work continues on PEEPSHOW.

SUMMER 2017 :: Steve Harvey leaves Chicago (thus the freelance gig ends). Justin travels to Florida for a week of shooting, on a DVD video series by Jessica Smith. Redworks also completes editorial work on 3 promotional videos for Gorilla Troop Marketing.

SPRING 2017 :: REDWORKS covers (shoots) 3 bands, live at a fundraiser performance, “Liampalooza” and records soundboard audio.

FALL/WINTER 2016 :: Justin continues as a freelance camera operator on the Steve Harvey TV Show’s field team (reality tv unit).

SUMMER 2016 :: REDWORKS completes a 7 camera video shoot, for Sanford Parker’s electronic performance.

SPRING 2016 :: Justin continues as a freelance camera operator on the Steve Harvey TV Show’s field team (reality tv unit). Work continues on Peepshow on downtime.

WINTER 2016 :: REDWORKS completes a 4 camera video shoot, for the metal band Scientist’s performance at the Empty Bottle.

FALL 2015 :: Justin starts work as a freelance camera operator on the Steve Harvey TV Show’s field team (reality tv unit).

SUMMER 2015 :: REDWORKS completes editorial work for the American Nicaraguan Foundation’s 2015 fundraising video.

SPRING 2015 :: Justin continues to act a technical/editorial consultant and camera operator for Showboat Blastoff’s “Hushmoney” music video.

WINTER 2015 :: Justin acts as a technical and editorial consultant for Showboat Blastoff’s “Bizarre Tony” music video.

FALL 2014 :: REDWORKS completes work on a slide show (tribute) presentation, with a groom hero-interview, for a wedding celebration.

SUMMER 2014 :: Justin shoots and completes a health and wellness EPK for Kristen Bullerman (Yoga instructor, etc). Justin also completes a memorial, slide show video for Bob Delgado.

SPRING 2014 :: REDWORKS completes editorial on a DRI video, made with footage shot at the “Sun Conference.” Justin shoots and completes 2 presentations for the 16th Street Theater’s production of Pinkolandia. Justin shoots and edits a promo video for Decibel magazine’s “extreme baseball preview” issue. Justin completes editorial work on the L&L Graphic Solutions video.

WINTER 2014 :: REDWORKS completes editorial work on a multimedia slide show video presentation for Jim Baron’s memorial service. Justin shoots a promotional EPK for L&L Graphic Solutions in Elk Grove IL.

FALL 2013 :: Dennis Best and Justin travel to Columbus Ohio to cover (documentary shooting) the “Sun Conference,” for the Infor software company. They also covered a similar October “VISUAL Connect “conference, in downtown Chicago. Justin completes editorial work on a commercial for Quantum Apartments.

SUMMER 2013 :: PEEPSHOW editorial focus screenings continue. REDWORKS also shoots and completes three, 1-minute promotional videos for the 16th Street Theater’s "Broken Fences," by Steven Simoncic. Footrafficker (interactive storefront- window media) also hires REDWORKS to create a video for an "Uber X" promotion. Justin does a "live" still photo shoot for the band Svlphvrvs.

SPRING 2013 :: REDWORKS completes a 6-minute instructional video for Tribe Jeans. Justin also shoots and completes a 2-minute promotional video for the 16th Street Theater’s "Living Large in a Mini Kind of Way." Still promotional photography done for "Recovered" a furniture re-design studio, and a live photo shoot for the band Rollo Tomassi.

WINTER 2013:: PEEPSHOW post-production, and fundraising continues... Peepshow logo finalization w/ the fabulous graphic designer Heather McKenna. REDWORKS also completes work on 2 more Eliminator Band teaser clips.

FALL 2012 :: Someday this films gonna end! Fine-cut editing continues on PEEPSHOW. The "ending" scene has to be completely built for many new elements have come into play. Some micro-fundraising is underway so all of REDWORKS energy and resources can go into the completion of PEEPSHOW!

SUMMER 2012 :: REDWORKS completes post-production on a series of 5, "making of the album" EPK videos for Nachtmystium’s "Silencing Machine." Justin also creates a (14.5 min) memorial slide show/ media presentation for the untimely departure of his uncle, Roger Baron. Justin does a still photo shoot for guitarist Andrew Markuszewski (Nachtmystium/Lord Mantis/Avichi), to promote his solo work. YAKUZA KICKSTARTER FAILS! ("Be That as it May" funding unsuccessful…) Re-grouping on that project and a new approach to completion (and financing) is being worked out. Obviously the movie is asking to be much larger film (in terms of scope and story) than the one initially envisioned!

SPRING 2012 :: REDWORKS completes work on the Eliminator Band EPK (13.5min), in addition to 3 short "teaser" clips for social media promotion. Justin starts shooting Chicago "Black-Metal" band Nachtmystium (Century Media) in the studio to acquire documentary footage for their new album "Silencing Machine," in addition to a 2-location promotional "band" photo shoot. REDWORKS creates 7 "Salon Restore" videos for product developer and entrepreneur, Matt Jiovanni (Modern Life Products). "Be That as it May" (the YAKUZA documentary) Kickstarter launch to raise some initial post-production funds.

WINTER 2012 :: Post-Production continues on the Eliminator Band EPK. The presentation has grown from 5 minutes, to 13 minutes and is playing wonderfully!

FALL 2011 :: PEEPSHOW intro sequence is shot with the amazing actress Regina Leslie, and the movie editorial continues.

SUMMER 2011 :: REDWORK completes post-production of the 87 minute "Super Couponing 2." Additionally creates 3 short teasers for Hell Awaits, "The Ultimate Slayer Tribute!"

SPRING 2011 :: In collaboration with director Louis Antonelli, REDWORKS produces "Super Couponing 2" (87 min.) for local "Coupon Queen" Jill Cataldo. Also REDWORKS produced, (shot) the Eliminator Band 2+hr set, w/ multi Channel Mix, (multi-track "live" audio recording w/ engineer Matt Sohn). Additional cinematography w/ the amazing Dennis Best of course!

FALL 2010 :: Shooting continues documenting Yakuza’s "Of Seismic Consequence" album and beyond. Some incredible interviews are attained! It may be time to forge ahead on the long awaitedYakuza documentary!

SUMMER 2010 :: Justin Baron is enlisted to make a short pitch video for local makeup artist Sharzad Kiadeh for Oprah Winfrey’s new television channel "OWN." Also some small yet crucial final 16mm elements are shot for PEEPSHOW.

SPRING 2010 :: "Congestive Art-Failure" plays with Louis Antonelli's  "Paul Stanley One Live Kiss" at the 2010 Chicago International Music and Movies festival.  Also REDWORKS completes work on a four and a half minute Electronic Press Kit video for the new, Yakuza album, “Of Seismic Consequence” that will be released on 6/22/10.

WINTER 2010 :: "To by a fly on the wall, yet a hornet that stings..." –Herzog
Justin Baron enters the recording studio with Yakuza and captures the recording process of their new album “Of Seismic Consequence.” The intention was to grab enough footage for a short Electronic Press Kit. However, after 22 hours of GREAT doc footage and interviews, it looks like a longer Yakuza documentary is in the works!

FALL 2009 :: REDWORKS launches new website!  Work continues on PEEPSHOW, and journeys towards a fine edit.  Louis Antonelli is on board to assist Justin in finishing editing.

SUMMER 2009 :: REDWORKS completes post-production on a thirty-minute instructional DVD presentation for Safe-Haven by New Haven.  Directed, edited and produced by Justin Baron, the video demonstrates the use and working of their wheelchair tie-down equipment, as demonstrated by the originating engineer of the product line, Mr. Ray Lee.  REDWORKS also completes a brand new trailer for Justin’s upcoming feature film, PEEPSHOW.

SPRING 2009 :: Mike and Spiro win the 2009 Season Two Bullrun! REDWORKS also provides all post-production for “Super Couponing,” a seventy-four-minute instructional video, directed by Louis Antonelli, for coupon queen Jill Cataldo. REDWORKS completes Yakuza’s “Congestive Art-Failure” music video. Justin enlisted the help of Louis Antonelli to expedite a fine edit.

WINTER 2009 :: REDWORKS continues work on Centaur’s instructional project.  Project is finished early April.  Final customized DVD has twenty-four segments that total forty-five minutes.

FALL 2008 :: REDWORKS finishes Paul Stanley “One Love Kiss” DVD to be Released by Universal/BME October 21.  Justin was enlisted to help director Louis Antonelli make final edits, re-edit promotional trailer, and produce and edit three (unreleased) bonus features.
Redworks Film/Video Production
Redworks Film/Video Production
Redworks Film/Video Production